our endeavour

Our Endeavour…

Safeguarding capital and creating wealth on a long-term basis with focus on absolute returns

ZEN Wealth PMS Motto


Integrity, Trustworthiness, Credibility


Consistency, Logic Based, Investment and Risk Processes


Passionate & Client Centric

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently."

- Warren Buffet

Guiding Principle

“What distinguishes investment winners is their willingness to dig deeper, search more widely, and keep an open mind to all ideas. He or she who turns over the most rocks, looks over the most investment ideas, and is unsentimental about past choices is most likely to succeed.” - Peter Lynch

Our endeavor with regards to stock ideation and investment framework is guided by this principle, with due respect to the Risk Management Framework.

  • Bespoke investing. No Model Portfolio approach
  • Capital preservation and long-term wealth creation
  • Investing in businesses that are beneficiaries of an expanding economy
  • Buy good businesses for the long term, run by credible management, at reasonable valuations that offer a margin of safety
  • Strategy agnostic
  • Recommended investment horizon of 3+ years
  • Transparency in communication and reporting
  • PMS management fees are structured in such a way that we benefit only if our client’s investments perform

ZEN Wealth Portfolio Strategies

Though direct equity investing as such is characterized as an “aggressive risk asset”, we offer the following 3 types of strategies under our PMS Framework to cater to the varying risk appetites of individual investors:


Flexicap-oriented with a skew towards mid and small-cap stocks

Emerging Opportunities

Predominantly small-cap stocks


Concentrated investment strategy, with not more than 15 stocks


Consistent Investment Track Record


Continuous Portfolio Monitoring


Access to the FundManagement Team

Why ZEN Wealth PMS?

Investing in businesses that are beneficiaries of an expanding economy

Run by investment personnel well known for their:

  • Long vintage & integrity
  • Risk-averse attitude
  • Preference to fundamentals over fads/momentum
  • 15 years of credible & consistent investment track record
  • Experience in managing equity investments through multiple cycles
  • AUM growth is not at the cost of clients
  • We make money only if the client makes money
  • Deep BUY and HOLD approach, bottom-up stock picking
  • Reasonable Fee Structure

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